You don’t change the rules to be difficult or change something simply for the sake of change. You change things to evolve them, make them better and make your world and the world of others a more beautiful place.
— Mark Sutton, Renegade - Managing Director

Mr Squirrel learned quickly to get the most nuts he does not simply wait outside the window with hope in his eyes. He jumps high onto the window and slides down clinging to each pane of glass with all the strength in his little claws. He is impossible to ignore! We salute you Mr Squirrel, you are an inspiration, a true Renegade, have some more nuts!

Have the courage of your convictions. Break down walls. Oh and don’t forget to breathe.
— Dani Schmidt, Renegade - Associate Director

Renegade London reject the following:

Mediocrity in all its guises

Slow sampling/ email response

Bad treatment of staff and clients

Poor client care

 Design without soul

Renegade London support the following:

Equal rights

Soulful heartfelt design

Great Customer service

Freedom of expression

Investment in the development of people

All good Renegades now, in the past and in the future


Here are some famous Renegades we think are worth mentioning :

Nelson Mandela

Emmeline Pankhurst

James Dean

John Lennon

Charlie Chaplin

Oscar Wilde

William Wilberforce

Sophie and Hans Scholl

Martin Luther King

Muhammed Ali

Eddie Vedder

Albert Einstein

William Wallace

Martin Luther

Benjamin Franklin

Bob Dylan

Mahatma Gandhi

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards